Friday, February 19, 2010


6 years old!!!!!!! Cant believe my girl is 6. We love you so much peanut. Have a great day today. See you soon. Love Dad


  1. Where does the time go?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!
    Love, The Paretos xoxoxo

  2. We are having the most splendid of days... donuts at Lamars (pink, of course!!), picked up some treats for her class, opened up some more presents, curled our hair and put in a princess braid with a fancy bow(too bad uniform rules, it's her birthday...), and now we are headed out for lunch. She chose Noodles 'N Co. So much fun to be 6!! I took a couple photos... not sure if I can download here... but I'll try. It's a glorious day. Love to you... xo

  3. Oh I forgot to mention that Keely's WHOLE CLASS sang the Red Robin version of Happy Birthday to Zoe this morning. Pretty cool. L and I are headed for a nap! zzzzzzz. xo

  4. Thanks so much Elly for making her day so special! Between you, Gina and my mom she won't want me to be home for her Birthday next year. We are in the Tai Pei airport waiting to catch the plane to LA. I had a whole post typed up and can't get wifi on my computer. Here we are in an internet cafe! We are settling in for a looong flight. Love you!