Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Taipei, Taiwain

Feb 14 at 530am- Somewhere above the ocean

We are about 30 min from landing in Taipei!!! A long 14 hour flight in big comfy seats and not much sleep for me. Josh slept most of the flight!

The lights came on a while ago and we had breakfast….Chinese Porridge! It was rice with a consistency like oatmeal with white fish on top. There was a bean and onion salad to put on top too. I ate most of mine and Josh ate the fruit and bread. For once I was more adventurous than he was.

Friday afternoon we met our team of people at DIA and watched as 48 bags and medical equipment was loaded onto the conveyer belt. We are praying everything arrives safely. I know the hospital staff in Cambodia are so anxious to get the cardiac lab set up and start treating the patients.

I am so excited to meet and see the people there…my heart is pounding and I want to get my feet on the ground. I would love to brush my teeth too!

Thank you so much for praying for us and for our team as well. We did talk to our kids last night, or whenever that was ;) They sounded good, my sweet girls burst into tears as soon as they heard my voice. Please keep praying for their hearts. I know God is going to do great things in their hearts this week as well.

I will try to update tonight when we get settled into our hotel. I will have pictures too.

We love you all,

PS- 0830 on Feb 14

We are now sitting at the gate with wifi! We had noodles and dumplings at a great place in the airport. The airport is like a huge mall...even a Bobbi Brown counter. The people are so friendly and beautiful. We are waiting to take of for Cambodia in about 30 min. Thanks so much for praying...we are peaceful with very expectant hearts! xox

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