Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Feb 16

Wow...we are in our room a little sooner tonight! 9pm!

Another amazing day today...I only had 1 moment of crying and then felt better. ;) It is all so amazing here. I was able to be with the 11 year old girl during the ablation and was able to pray for her as well. The procedure went very well and we even went to several villages with the local Dr. after the procedure. What an experience....so many beautiful people. We saw a huge Buddhist temple and were even able to go inside and listen to the monks pray and feel my heart ache as I listened to their empty words. They were chanting over a man who felt like he had done wrong, and needed more luck in life. My heart was crying for him to know the only one who could give him hope. His eyes were so sad....

The drive through the villages was crazy and fun all at the same time. A herd of the skinniest cows I have ever seen were running through the streets causing motorbikes to swerve and cars to honk their horns so loud. I closed my eyes several times and prayed to stay alive as we drove. ;) We stopped at several little homes to buy mango and pineapple. The children were so beautiful, so precious. They all shouted out, "Hello" in the sweetest voices. I wanted to scoop them all up. We took some amazing pictures..I will post once we are back in the land of fast internet!

We got a call on the way back into the city that the little girl we operated on this morning, was now back in the same heart rhythm that we thought was fixed earlier in the day. The ride home was very quiet as we all tried to figure out what was the next step for her. I looked into her eyes just hours before and told her it was "all gone". She was so happy. Please pray for a miracle tonight...we do not have any more pediatric equipment to use for her tomorrow. They can use an adult version, but it may not be as effective. Pray she is healed and that she doesn't need another ablation.

God is teaching us so much...none of this is about us. This is all for Him....everything we do should be for Him and not for our own comforts. We have been given so much and there is much that is required from us. The cry of my heart is to remain uncomfortable and be ruined for the ordinary. God is so near...we are so honored to be a part of what He is doing with these wounded people. He longs to bring them comfort and hope.

My head is literally spinning now...hmm so is the room! Must be time for bed. I know there will be more stories tomorrow. As you start your Tuesday and we end ours, I am praying for thankful and full hearts for all of us.

Love you,

R,O,Z,& L,

We are so proud of you and know God is hearing you pray for us. We can't wait to tell you more amazing stories and kiss your sweet faces. You would be proud of mama today...I ate some crazy things today! I ate tiny shrimp from a roadside stand, frog legs and a bite of tiny fried frogs! We have pictures. You would love the kids here...they run around in bear feet and love to smile. Keep praying for us and know how much we love you. xox


  1. Lucy- "eww"(in reference to the frog legs) , "hugs and kisses", "I'ma Diva"

    Zoe- "Did you eat the whole frog legs? I am having aaaa lot of fun, hugs and kisses"

    Roark- "Do you have bathrooms there? If not, where do you go?"

    Oliver- "That is disgusting! I love you"

  2. Hi Josh and Laura:
    We are cheering for you half a world away. Good work and good eating, you guys! Frog legs and shrimp, too. Somehow I picture a new gourmet dinner in the planning. All is well here as you begin your Wednesday. Loving you and hugging you.
    Mom and Dad

  3. I am grinning as I write this, just thinking about my medical trip to Cambodia. Your posts are bringing back so many great memories. I am so thrilled that you get to experience it too. I'm thinking of you and sending so much good energy your way! Relish every minute of your time, it will change you for a lifetime!

  4. Praying here! Cant wait to see pics!

  5. Praying and praying and loving you guys!

    Got my necklace today. Lots of tears. Seeing all their names together both breaks my heart and makes it smile. Thank you!!


  6. I continue to be so pumped for y'all—can't wait to hear & see more too. . .praying for you often. And we'll pray for the little girl too. . .in God's economy of things, many have already, but of course the privilege to continue lifting her up & those she represents. I had a blast stopping by to see R, O, Z & L plus meeting Gina today—was on my way back from Monument this afternoon & just felt led to stop. All were in great spirits, talking about yall of course, Z taught me for a bit, watched O play Mario, gave squeezes to L for you, quick chat w/R—all good! you guys would be so proud—they're doin well & G is a gem! O asked me about coming on Sun aft & talked to R bout bball on Sat too.

    I'm sure it feels like you're cramming in months into hours—go at God's pace. Much love to you both! Lifting up your arms—proud of you!! xoxo