Monday, February 15, 2010


It is almost 10pm here on the 15th and we are finally getting showers and ready to go to bed. It has been an incredibly intense and emotional day. I am not sure we have any words to adequately describe what we have seen today. I was in the Post OP area all day and was a part of teaching some amazing students as well as a witness to the most horrible conditions I have ever seen. Josh was a part of history today...the first cardiac ablation in Cambodian history. This was a successful procedure and Josh as well as the Cardiologist from Denver said this was something they would never even try to do in Denver.

I know there will be more words tomorrow....much to process. The internet connection is so slow that I am unable to download pictures. I hope to get to wifi tomorrow and post some pictures. There are 2 more ablations tomorrow and I will go with Josh in the morning then hopefully to L&D soon. The needs are so great that they are putting the nurses where the most critical cases are. I know God is so near...keep praying for strength. We are exhausted, but so in awe of our amazing God.

Mom, kiss the kids for us and give them all an extra long squeeze. We miss them, but know they are being well taken care of. Gina, we will skype with you sometime Tuesday your time. We'll try before the boys go to school.

Thank you again so much for praying...we can so feel the prayers.

Love you,
L & J


  1. Wow! I cant imagine your exhaustion and thoughts. Praise God for a successful ablation and the wisdom He is giving these people through His faithful vessels. Hope you are getting some restful sleep right now! xoxo

  2. So awesome, literally! Praying over all of it. Loving you and your family. Praying for rest for your bodies, with or without sleep. XO

  3. Hey Laura,
    Wow, what an incredible opportunity! I can only imagine how exhausting it must be and so scary too! I'll be praying for incredible amounts of strength over the next several days. And that you will get to L&D soon where you are more comfortable. Cannot wait to hear more! Thanks for updating and keep taking deep breaths!! Love you!

  4. I remember that exhaustion all too well! Just sleep when you will eventually adjust.

    WOW! I can only imagine what you are witnessing. Wish I was right there with you.

    Praying for ample opportunities for the Gospel to be shared.

  5. laura, sooo proud of you and josh, wish i were there with u. take care i'm praying for strength, both in body and mind

  6. Laura and Josh:
    We are so proud of you and your team. Wow, what an introduction into the needs of this spiritually and historically ravaged country. The people you are caring for have waited for generations to be touched by the love of Jesus you bring. I am so eager to hear details from you when you get back home.
    All is well at with your family. They miss you, but their week will really start to zoom tomorrow when school and schedules start again. Each one is adjusting and coping well; you have a precious family to return to. Keep breathing and staying present right where you are. We join so many who are praying for you.
    Love- mom and dad

  7. The kids loved getting to hear your voice tonight before dinner :) Adrienne stopped by to get my car for the week and got to snuggle Lucy a little bit. Right now everyone is tucked all snug in their beds. Each kid prayed for you tonight and it was very sweet. They love you and miss you but are doing great!