Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday February 18

It’s noon here and the day is going by so fast! Yesterday was another full day for Josh in the cath lab. They had 3 procedures and did end up having to re-do the little 12 year old girls ablation. They were successful the 2nd time and the sweet girl wrote a note for us and is so thankful she is feeling much better.

We went to the Russian Market today…a huge, hot indoor market where you can buy just about anything! Crazy! We had a Cambodian boy follow us around for most of the time we were there. We started talking to him and found out he goes to the church our friends are the pastors of, here in Cambodia. God was so good to us as we talked with this sweet boy. Pray for Raa and ask God to protect him and encourage his sweet heart.

I am discovering this is the land of, ‘come back tomorrow and we will tell you’. I have waited by an office the past few days to get permission to be with a nurse in L&D and it has not happened. Each day has been the same answer and I am sad. I did get to tour the maternity unit yesterday and the women are amazing. If there are more then 8 in labor, the labor in the open lobby and lay quietly on a bench with a family member holding their IV. There are very few monitors and I saw a woman being carried down 3 flights of stairs for a c-section. The women make no sounds and have the most beautiful eyes. I went into the room where the women get to go when they are ready to deliver. 4 metal tables, 2 nurses and maybe 1 family member with each woman. I walked into the room as they were cleaning up 2 women who had delivered an hour before. No IVs in, no offer for pain meds and a sweet black haired baby at their mama’s breast. So beautiful…I silently prayed for these babies and asked God to walk with them and for them to know the hope and healing He can give them.

While I am sad I was not able to be in L&D I know God has spoken things to my heart and Josh has a new sparkle in his eyes. This trip has been life changing for him and I know he will have a lot to share. The Dr they have been working with is a precious man I am praying he will come to know Jesus one day. He will be in Denver in May for a conference and I hope we are able to see him again.

This afternoon we will go back to the hospital and do another ablation. Josh has been very busy in the lab! Tomorrow is our last full day here and we will do a bit of sight seeing and soak in all the beautiful people. I am so in love with their sweet faces and amazing hearts. They are a broken people with no hope…but we know that Jesus can fill them and there are many who are coming to know the hope He offers.

The medical needs here are staggering, but the group we are with is really making a difference. The full impact we will not know until eternity. We are so thankful we were able to be here with this team as well as make friends with people we will never forget.

Thank you so much for praying for us....we know many are holding up our arms. We are tired and a bit crabby at times, but are soaking in all that God has for us. I don't want to miss anything.

R,O,Z &L,

We love you and were so happy to hear your voices this morning! We went on a crazy bike ride today...a motorcycle pulling a little carriage. 5 of us sat in the cart, called a Tuc-tuc! The traffic is crazy and reminds us of watching you play Frogger or Mario on the Wii. You have to dodge the motorbikes and the cars. There are no stop lights and no crosswalks. You just start walking! The picture is a man on a motor bike moving his mattress! He almost bumped into our ride. Hope this makes you smile. We love you! We are praying for you and can't wait to squeeze you so tight!!


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  1. I have a lump in my throat just thinking of the conditions these people are in....both physically and spiritually. Praying for all the people you have been around. God knows who they are!