Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are here!

Hello and good morning to you! It is 715pm here on the 14th and oh my we are soooo tired! We arrived in Phnom Penh, a huge blast of heat and humidity, around 1 this afternoon and have already been to the clinic as well as the heart hospital. The people are beautiful and I wanted to scoop up the people I saw in the ICU and pray for them to be healed. They Drs are doing an amazing job, just not enough training or resources for them. We had a meeting at 430pm tonight and met 21 precious med students and nurses. They go to med school right out of high school, at age 16 and then have 4-6 years of training and then are on their own. I nearly fainted when the directors told us we will be training the med students this week. We each have our own student who will shadow us wherever we are working. Pray for me to remember everything I have ever learned...big enough request? Just typing that out makes me cry and feel scared all at the same time. They are so hungry for information and I don’t know if I can do all of that. I know God will give me the right words and I am praying for opportunities to share about Jesus too.

Josh will be in the cath lab all day tomorrow....the Dr this afternoon was so proud to show us “his” lab and all of the equipment. Pray everything works the way it should. They are doing 2 very risky procedures tomorrow and have 28 cases lined up for the 7 days we are here.

I will be working in the post op recovery tomorrow and go to L&D on Tuesday. I know I will be more comfortable in L&D.

I think we are going to try to sleep soon....we have to be in a meeting and report at 6am!!!

For some reason I can't get email to send so here is a note for the kids....

We saw a lady on a motorcycle carrying a dead chicken, a huge cockroach in the hospital, a huge snail on a tree and a skinny kitty in the hall of the hospital too! Roark & Oliver, we had fried chicken tonight...they brought out a whole chicken on a plate...even the head. Zoe & Lucy, we ate dinner in a restaurant that had pink and read tables and beautiful yellow chairs. Don’t worry I didn’t eat the chicken...I am having a pop tart now. We love you so much...sing loud for mommy at church today and don’t forget to pray for us. Xoxo

Love to you all,


PS- Julie thanks so much for your them! Just what I needed today. Xoxo


  1. Happy Valentine's Day.... I am praying patients see the lavish love of Jesus in your eager little faces. God can do all of this Laura... you are a fabulous nurse!! And your experience will serve you well right about NOW!!

    We love you and continue to lift you up!! xoxo elly

  2. Happy Valentines to you two! Prayers for you both in all the Lord has in store for you. I am so excited to see pics and to hear stories of babies, healed hearts, and transformed med students! You ROCK! BTW this is Ade xoxox

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Praying for Josh's procedures and time with the doctors this week. Praying for the Lord to give you words and confidence as you teach these people. I KNOW they will feel loved by you and feel your compassion and genuine desire to help them. Thanks for the updates. Praying daily and night! xoxo

  4. So glad you are there and by this time I am sure already loving on lots of people. Looking forward to starting my time with your kiddos tomorrow :) I will snuggle your girls lots and we will all have a great time.

  5. We are praying for you all, especially for the great wisdom and encouragement you need and that will freely flow from you. Oliver was excited about the cockroach and called the hospital by the same name as the hotel where you found the cockroach last summer! Zoe finally understands that when it is night here, it is day where you are...just like Malaysia, she said. "Oh yeah! I get it" She's eager to tell her teacher at school. (How many almost 6-year olds know about a Cath Lab, huh?) Lucy wants to know...when's my mom coming home...and my dad? So sweet. Roark continues to be a big help and even researched for his paper and wrote good paragraphs about Michael Faraday, the famous chemist and inventor.
    We love you and are praying for those whose lives you touch with the indelible, transforming love of Jesus. Yes, let's have His healing power touch many as your skilled hands and hearts care for them.
    ...for the Huenes at home...

  6. WOW—I'm so excited! Andrew just read w/me & we're laughing as we think of A Laura & U Josh seeing some of the same things we see. Makes our hearts smile. Esp as I wake early, and head to bed, thinking of you guys. Praying for your hearts to continue being light as you do & process so much, all the while wanting to do & be even more. Keep hugging each other. And you are the right people there with the purposes God has given. Amen to all the your mom said—calling your house now & checking to see if we can hang out together today! love you guys! with you all the way! -julie